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  • VePro and Kontakt 4 (W7 64 bit)

    When I load up Kontakt 4.0.3 in VEPro I can only get 3 stereo channels in Knotakt 4 to choose from?  I have VEPro set up for 32 audio channels and that seems to be working fine.  But Kontakt within VEPro will only let me assign 3 stereo channels??? Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? 

    Not sure how to get around this other than starting a new instance of VEPro 64 bit and loading up another instance of Kontakt  to get 3 more stereo channels



  • Hi arapahoe,

    you have to do some basic assignments inside kontakt to get multiple outputs. There's a good tutorial on youtube that once helped me, too: 

    kind of an odd procedure, but it works that way:-)

    best regards