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  • MIDI clock for plugins in VE Pro

    Hey, just looking over the manual for VE Pro and was wondering if there is a slave timing function for plugins that take MIDI clock time from the master sequencer, RMX,Kontakt, Omnisphere, and so on?


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  • Hi,

    this is already on our to-do-list for upcoming versions, although there have only been 2 requests for it as of yet [;)]



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • 3, by now [cough] [H]

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  •  And here is the fourth one.....


  • ...five.....

    last night I was trying to get the new Kontakt 4 in sync on one of my three VEPro Slaves, but I had to realize that it doesn´t recive any Midi clock.

    For some projects I don´t need that big orchestration and I have free capacity on that slaves for other stuff like Kontakt and Omnishere or Kore Player.

    I would appreciate it.



  • Please add me to the requests for Midi Clock. Although Stylus RMX knows the tempo it's almost impossible to press on a loop and have it start at the right time as it does so easily in a sequencer. This makes working with RMX quite difficult and I use RMX a lot. Many thanks for a great product.

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  • VE Pro is actually synced to the master host sequencer, but the transport play/stop state isn't communicated to the server. Actually I should say "wasn't", because it's now implemented for the next update (which should be released pretty soon). In human terms this means that Stylus RMX and others will now sync properly.

  • New Year, good news!