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  • help Remote Desktop

    wow I' fighting since earyl morning until well early morning for now 24 hours and couldn't believe why it should be that hard? I'm trying to remote a Windows 7 Slave PC I just configured for VE Pro from my Mac Pro (Snow Leopard) and can't even get a connection. The Machines are connected with a simple ethernet cable. (This way I got to work a connection between Mac Pro and G5) but with the PC I feel pretty much lost. I read almost every step by step instruction (there is one for windows 7 explaining how to make it remotable) and saw endless youtube videos and it always looks so nicely easy but in my case even Terminal Pings don't get to the PC no matter if I turn Antovirus and Firewall of or whatever. What could I be doing wrong? ... help please!

  • Ok ok I got it now. A CROSSOVER CABLE instead a normal ethernet one was needed which as the main problem. (weired that it works with a mac using a "one-way-ethernet" cable) An Alternative for using a Crossover Cable is an Ethernet Switch which makes it possible to use more than 1 PC slave which I'm planing. I'm using the D-Link DGS-1005D which works and didn't need any configuration. Anyway. I'd love to hear about 3 tweaks I'd like having done
    1) The Mac Pro has 2 Ethernet Ports. If one is set to DHCP or if it's set alternativeley to Manual but with the ROUTER Adress (in order to have Internet Access) the Local Connection doesn't work though the other Port still has a manual IP Adress (and without that router filed filled out). Isn't there a work around so that I can have both Internet and local network at the same time?
    2) If the 1st thing is done the next step would be letting the PC access the inetrnet. If Anybody could tell me how this in Windos 7 I'd apreciate that Info very much!
    3) I cannot login to the main Account only to a created User. Is this normal or for what reason could that be? well thanks in advance for any usefull hints of you guys who allready estup a Mac with PC Slaves succsessfully.

  • Again I found a solution which might help others. That's why I post it. As I said I couldn't turn off the PC via remote (Only if I was logged in on the PC) A nice workaround was opening a notepad writing in:

    shutdown.exe -s

    and saving it as .bat file. This turns the Pc off. A usefull Link to this topic was:

  • Hi scorefrog,

    I'm in the same situation that you. I already have a crossover cable between Mac Leopard and Pc Win7. In my Mac I use airport for internet connection so my two ethernet ports are free. Did you managed to connect both computers? Do you have a clear step by step solution to connect them? I will appreciate so much!



  • Hi!
    Yeah the really crucial steps are:
    1) Give your PC and your Mac a FIXED IP-Adress (manually if necessary) (DHCP didn't work for me) I had to give a manual IP-Adress. You have to give 2 Adresses in the same "Area" For example you can give the mac and the PC The "Mask" has to be
    2) Call up the Mac Utility "Network devices" and send a "Ping" to the PC. You'll see if that Data Package arrived or not. If yes your connection works. (This Testing is an optional step you could leave it out as well)
    3) download the micorsoft utility "remote desktop" (not the apple one but the microsoft program for mac) In this you type the given PC IP (in my example and you're ready to go.
    good luck dude (;

  • The problem I had was with the firewall on the MAC....It's working so far. Thanks a lot!