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  • IAC Midi vs. Digital Performer built in Inter-App Midi

    I tested out the Inter application midi features in VE Pro this morning, and it works great. One small snag, and I'm wondering if this is a DP issue, or a VE Pro issue: I first set up my midi to use OS X's IAC driver, and it works just fine, except in Digital Performer, you get a midi feedback error if you record enable a track. They work around this is to run in multi-record mode constantly.... but this has it's own issues, and I prefer not to work this way. Next, I tried setting up DP's own Inter-Application midi (I didn't even know it existed until today). This seems to work perfect with VE Pro, except that the port names were not the same. DP IAC 1 out, was only recognized in VE Pro on DP IAC 3. So, it was like everything was 2 ports off. I think I read about this same problem someone else had here... but couldn't find the post. Is this something that is just a matter of the order I assign ports, or an issue with the software? thanks so much for updating VE Pro with this great feature!