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  • Sax, bass, and drums

    Here's a composition for sax, bass, and drums. Please give it a listen and let me know your take on it.



  •  I LOVED that.  Did you program all of the instruments.  Please tell me you are a drummer, because if not...  Which VIs did you use - all VSL?

  • I agree with aplanchard. The drums sounded especially good.

  • Thanks aplanchard. Thanks  JKOL.

      Vi instruments were used here exclusively. I used a tenor sax matrix that I constructed, the upright bass, and for the drums I used a GM matrix, a separate matrix for ride cymbals, another for snare and tom toms, and another matrix for high hat articulations.

    I probably worked on the drums more than the sax and bass. The hardest part is getting the ride cymbals to sound right, something with which I'm still not satisfied.


  •  Interesting piece.   I was transported to smokey jazz club.



  • Well done Marko.

  • Thanks Jay.

    Thanks Paul.


  • Jay,

    I'd like to contact you about licensing some of your Rite of Spring renditions for use in YouTube videos.

    Please drop me an email (you can find my address on my musanim site).


    Stephen Malinowski

    Music Animation Machine

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