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  • Trying again - DP RTAS and VE Pro SYNC

    One more time: 

    Hi guys, 

    I have a question about the sync. In DP / RTAS the sync is not going through to the slaves. Sync works fine with all my plugs inside ot DP, but not with VE Pro.

    Any possibility at all that you could look into it on your end? If the plug sync is working fine inside of DP, shouldn't it also work with VE, since VE Pro is hooking up inside of DP? 

    The sync I am referring to is the midi clock that plugs like RMX, Kontakt etc use to lock to the DAW tempo.


  • Hi Tripit,

    why don´t you use AU? It works.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul,

    I wish I could use AU, but my main daw is RTAS/DAE based. I would have to give up too much in terms of hardware I/O and certain plugs that I can't live without. 

    I'm not sure where to steer this, because I'm discovering more as I try to find the solution. It appears that there is a sync issue at least with a few plugs in DP7/RTAS on Leopard, (i.e Kontakt and Spectrasonics stuff) but only on Leopard, they work fine in Tiger. I also found that though that a few VI do sync fine inside of DP7/RTAS on Leopard, (i.e. EZ Drummer) but those that do work inside of DP, don't work with VE Pro. None of them work in VE Pro.  Maybe this is something that you could have your guys look into. While MOTU needs to address the issue as well, I think that even if they fix all the sync issues in DP7/RTAS, it will still be an issue with VE Pro, because currently none of them sync when using VE Pro.


  • Hello Tripit,

    that decision is really up to our developers - they have been working like crazy over the last months.....and so far there don´t seem to be many DP users who have problems with this, to be honest.

    I am not a DP professional, but as you said, there seems to be more behind these troubles with timing an RTAS in DP. What does DP support say, btw?



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hey Paul, I'm in contact with DP. I'll report back here when I hear back from them.