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  • VE Pro buying error

    Hi, I've tried 4 times to buy VE Pro without success. 

    Tried 2 different credit cards, all with a msg showing "-1 check input". 

    I don't know if they have been charged, if it's a browser error (tried with Safari and Firefox) under Snow Leopard or what. 

    Please, let me know what's wrong with that. 

    Thank you in advance, 


  •  Email support directly.


  • It is possible that you are getting that error because your credit card company is denying the transaction. I had the same problem, and the transaction was only approved when I talked to my credit card company directly. Because the transaction was with a company located in Austria (I live in the U.S.), my credit card company figured someone had stolen my credit card number. After talking to them, I was able to go back and complete a valid transaction. It might be a good idea to contact your credit card company, and seek to resolve things at that level. In a way, while dealing with this is a bit of a pain, it is a good thing. One would guess that VSL would be a target from time to time, simply given the quality/cost of their libraries.

  • Thank you, it solved the problem indeed... :)