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  • Installing Imperial resulted in losing all other VIs

    Hi. I hope someone can help because I have angry clients waiting to finish a job. I just installed Imperial Piano and at first my dongle listed it as 'unknown instrument.' So I updated the LCC software and it now lists it correctly and the Piano appears to be working (first impression - VERY glitchy CPU spikes at 128 buffer on my 8x2.8ghz/10gb/4x500gb MacPro). Anyway, the main problem is that all my other Vienna Instruments libraries are now unavailable and when I open the AU manager and try to validate them they fail, even though the licenses are clearly there on the dongle. Anyone know why? Please. Thank you.

  • Well, if anyone out there in Vienna-land actually cares, I eventually found a fix for this by myself, as no one from VSL found the time to reply to my emails. Inside the Imperial Piano installation zip folder that is on the CD, there is a Vienna Instruments installation option, which I must somehow have installed along with Imperial Piano. On closer inspection, I noticed that this VI software is for Intel Macs, not Universal Binaries Macs. So if you are using a UB Mac, like me and accidently install the Intel version of VI, like I did, then download the latest UB version of the VI software from the website, re-install it and this fixes the problem. I would like to ask VSL why they have decided to put this old Intel version of VI software on a brand new product and not the latest UB version, which would have been a lot more useful, wouldn't you think?