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  • Why are my Convolution Reverb presets in German? - Never mind....

    Never seems I was just looking at some of the presets which are different.  It seemed messed up at first.


  • Hi Chris

    Believe it or not: Some things on earth got German names. [H]

    So the "Grosser Saal" in the Konzerthaus is called "Grosser Saal" in English as well.

    Same thing with The "Neuer Saal" the "Schubert Saal"... Saal means "hall", "auditorium", ...

    My favorite preset got a German name as well: With the multiband limiter/compressor comes the preset "Volle Karotte".

    You cannot translate it into the English language (full carrot does not make sense).

    It means "at full blast",  "in full flood", "flat out" - - just "volle Karotte" [Y].

    Best, Beat

    - Tips & Tricks while using Samples of VSL.. see at: - Tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra":
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    @Beat Kaufmann said:

     .......just "volle Karotte" .

    Best, Beat


     I like that!