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  • question about Special Edition Download: Percussion

    I am interested in this. There is however, not a lot of information on particulars, of 'percussion'.

    for instance:

    Cymbals and gongs
    Tubular bells
    Plate bells

    Various articulations

    the big thing I need in a project right now, is cymbals (using Kontakt 3.5 beta, which they just broke as far as my system goes atm. past the point of no return too). So, I wonder what articulations, what cymbals are available. It's a low enough price and I may just have to buy and find out, but I kind of would enjoy some more info. The audio demo link there is broken, btw. I'm curious about the vibes and other mallets.

    Oh, also I don't guess already having overdrive guitar (which funnily enough a cut down version is in this) gets me a couple dollars off this? I understand from the fact that the content upgrade goes the other way generally.

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    Hi civilization 3,

    Here is the Sample Content List of the SE Percussion. You can find a sample content list with each of our products, in the menu right underneath our product shots!

    The Overdrive Guitar does not contain any samples of the Percussion, so there would be no upgrade path available in any case....

    Hope that helps!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • thanks; whereas I did find the product and the page you provided the link to, I didn't find a list of specific samples, such as how many or specifically 'what cymbals'; just a general list:

    Cymbals and gongs
    Tubular bells
    Plate bells

    *Various articulations*

    IE: "What articulations". 'cymbals' can be struck or caressed in all sorts of ways. It's a little like, you wouldn't exclude violin articulations on the product page -

    Staccato, détaché, sustained, sforzato, tremolo, pizzicato
    Legato, portamento,

    but you sure do with a percussion library.  [:^)]

    anyway I bought it as there are other things in there I can use. and as, VE running as local host might get me a better latency here than a kontakt .vst in Cubase.