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  • 64 bit Windows machine SUCCEEDS!

    I just did a stress test on my little system - an $800 64 bit Gateway PC from the local Best Buy in addition to my separate sequencing computer which cost $69 at a refurbished outlet.  The sequencer - Digital Orchestrator - dates from the early 1990s but is fast and easy.  On this system using a $150 Echo mia audio card and $50 Roland midi interface I was able to do in real time out of MIDI with no optimizing all tracks of one of the most massive orchestrations I have ever done using the Cube, the Invocation and Ritual for Orchestra that should appear here soon.  It is an incredible thing to have seen MIDi progress from the 1980s Roland S-50 and Proteus module I played fumblingly without a sequencer into an 8-track Tascam, to Gigastudio 2 and 3, and now to this astounding software of Vienna Ensemble that is so brilliant in design and expert in programming that even with an ultra low budget setup like mine, it plays massive amounts of orchestral sound beautifully.  I was actually scared to load all the instruments without optimizing, but decided to try it and there was no problem.  I was blown away yet again by the power of the VSL music library combined with such expertise in programming.  Yes, I am gushing but very excited by being able to do such huge and ambitious projects with this technology here and now ! 

  •  now that's what i call economical - thanks for sharing your obviously thoughtfully selected setup.


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Nice one William, it's inspiring to know we can get big VSL orchestrations from budget 64-bit PC's. May I ask what your Gateway PC's specs are and which Windows OS you're using?

  • Well, I had a problem I am afraid to say.  Mastering individual tracks to audio I heard some breakup.   Loaded the .fxp files into a blank template and there was no breakup.  Sorry.  Never mind.  Though the sequencer is still better than Logic.  And that $69 was an excellent investment.