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  • Imperial not compatible with VE3 ????

    What's about that?

    "Vienna Imperial is powered by a complete new software, which will be full compatible with Vienna Ensemble 2 & 3.

     best Herb"

    At least I cant find any option to open Imperial instead of the normal VI's in VE3 at all, meanwhile I can open the Imperial VST-Plug it in Cubase and the standalone Version without Problem and also have added the Imperial Folder to the Directorys.

    Could You please help me to use your Imperial.



  • steffen, the Vienna Ensemble versions with added support for the Imperial are under final testing - from what i've heard just an RTAS issue needs some ironing.

    so please be patient with us ... and - as you mention above - use as plugin meanwhile where possible


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.