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  • Music and Vienna Imperial

    I had presented last week a sort of draft of this, I think you will appreciate this more. It is semi-structured, some more than others, but it stays a free improvisation, they are called Prelude Improv. But if not for the composition, you could get a good idea of the Vienna Imperial with these pieces. 

    (under solo piano pieces, see Prelude Improv 1-8))



  • Dangit.... i hadnt yet been fully "blown away" by what i had heard yet from the Imperial. But now.... just amazing, Guy.


  • I know what you mean, I recently upgraded to the Intel-Xeon.  It's the 1st time I have a computer that will handle my dense orchestral needs.

  • Guy im SO grateful you've made these demos... Personally, i have never liked the sound of Bosendorfers... Too "meaty" and "honky" and bright for my personal tastes.... I was always under the assumption that Bosens are more suited for louder player, where that loud, brassy brightness would come through better in a stage/hall/orchestral setting.

    But these compositions you've made show that it does have a smooth, rich, round, mellow, gentle, smoky, muted side to it as well, which is what i listen for in a piano, as that often suits my more modern/pop/alternative sound. So now i am even more angry at you since i now have to find a way to come up with money for an Intel Mac on which to use it!  :)

    All joking aside, these are stunning demos; you've really showcased the range of the instrument... Thanks a ton for all your contributions here!  Cheers!


  • Hey Guy,

    I really enjoyed your Improvs! Nice work. You certainly know how to make that Imperial sing!  Well done!


    --Terry Michael Huud
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  • Thanks Michael and Terry.

    Terry, where's the twitter link?

  • Boy ... this man _really_ knows how to play piano!!!! 8-o ... Congratulations, Guy - I simply forgot to think about "sound", I just listened.

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  •  These sound great, both the piano and Guy's brilliant playing/composing.

  • Thanks very much guys! . I'd be curious to know which style you prefer, piano solo versions or in jazz trio versions?

  • If there are special requests, I can "try" and do them, especially if I know them already. Just don't ask for Beethoven's Hammerklavier.

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    @Guy said:

    If there are special requests, I can "try" and do them, especially if I know them already. Just don't ask for Beethoven's Hammerklavier.

    Waldstein! This is iTunes, right?

  • I'm on Appassionata Sonata right now, perhaps I can do the 1st mov of Walstein. or do you prefer the 3rd?

  • I think that the exposition from the 1st movement would be a testament to VSL's repetition patches! :)

  • Guy, i think both the solo and jazz compositions sound great, like i mentioned earlier really show off the mellow side of Imperial. More of either are great! :)

    And if you want to show off the crazier side, have a go at "Flight of the Bumblebee"!  [:D]