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  • what a crap!... where did I miss something??????

     I have bought the V14 (appassionata strings) volume and a vienna key.. ok.. no surprises. But once I wanted to install the instrument, I only got 1 DVD with the software installer, videos.... but absolutely no sounds file! I have spent 445 Euros on an absolutely unusable sofware!!! .. to be really clear , i repaet that I have only 1 dvd in the box that contains the programm installer, the install videos and that's all! no libraries at all!

    maybe I'am totally bumb, in that case please, enlight my poor brain!

    Greetings from a very very upset user!

  • Hello pidjy,

    this is indeed a disappointment. The fastest way to work this out is to contact our sales team at sales (at) vsl (dot) co (dot) at, with some details about your purchase - when and where did you buy it? I´m sure we can solve this situation fast!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • It only comes with 1 DVD in the package (it even says right on the website it is only 1 DVD).  Perhaps you are not seeing the dat files that contain the sounds?

    What steps are you taking to install the software?  You put in the disc, run the installer and then point it to the DVD to have it install the files.  They are compressed into encrypted files so don't expect to just be able to "see them" and play them.  They need to be uncompressed and installed properly.

    It sounds to me like you're a brand new VSL user and missing some steps and getting a bit to excited over it.  Be sure to "follow the directions" and install the software exactly how the videos, the manual and the forums say to do it.  My gut tells me you will have better results once you do that and actually read the manual.


  • Hello and greetings fellow musicians, thank you for taking time to answer me, much appreciated.

    First, I have (of course) try to contact my dealer, but ( how strange) he do not sell VSL products no more (as well spectrasonics either.. so I had to buy my omnisphere somehere else.. but that's another story)

    I have browse and check and re-check and re-re-check the DVD... and no .info files neither .bat files.. and the DVD is only 640GB.... (videos and software)  too small to contain the 1.5Gb sounds files.. (even compressed)...

    Now I'am not only upset.. I'am disapointed too.

  • really annoying ... just one thing: besides the DVD with 6.97 GB (7,490,382,629 bytes) installer data the Appassionata Strings I box contains a software CD (installer, manuals, videos) of ~ 650 MB, mostly in a white paper sleeve, whereas the DVD sticks in a transparent plastic sleeve.


    i'm sure either bestservice or VSL can send you the missing DVD immediately (though interestingly you have registered the product already may 2nd ... so any chance you just misplaced it?)


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.