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  • Upgrade path from VSL SE Plus to Extended edition

    Hi, Apologies if this has been posted before, I couldn't find it searching. Is there any discount for upgrading from the Standard Plus Special Edition to the Extended edition? I find the options confusing both on this site and also on other sites like DV247 where I purchased VSL SE Plus, it's not clear what you're getting for the Plus package versus the Extended (stupid me thought the Plus was the Extended edition). Anyway, I've seen there's a load of stuff available in the Extended package that looks attractive (appasionata string for example). Is there a discount for 'upgrading', or maybe I if I buy the Appasionata strings, can I use it within VSL SE? Thanks for any advice, C

  • Hi Cato, Thanks for your interest in upgrading! I just wrote you an email regarding your questions, please check your email account. Best, Stefan

  • welcome cato, this page should make everything related to the special edition more clear

    discounts on DVD Instruments for a registered Special Edition are expressed in the line *your Price* on the respective product page.


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  • Hello everyone. I own the disc-version of the SE and SE+ standard lib. as far as i can see, it is not possible to purchase different sections of the DL-version seperately. Why is it, that I cannot buy the extended version of for example merely the strings or the woodwinds (as I already mentioned: I do own the standard lib)? If it is possible to upgrade from the SE as a DL-version, why can´t I do it from the disc-verision, when both have exactly the same samples? cheers

  • Special Edition (DVD products) and Orchestra SE sections are separare groups of licenses referring to seperate sample content files.

    in theory it would be possible to add say SE strings extended library to Special Edition standard library, but we could never upgrade the SE strings by adding the SE winds and SE percussions to a special edition extended library license.


    i agree this doesn't make too much sense from an *instrumental* view, but both product lines are not compatible from the *license view*


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  • CM, I think I understand now the licensing problems. 

    Do i understand it right: I have the SE dvd version, but I couldn't add the SE extended strings, correct?

    But I CAN (and already have) added the SE Strings+, because these licences belong to a different product 'group'? (in the same way that downloading, say, the flute would not interfere with the SE)

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    robert, you _could_ add the SE strings extended but we would not be able to upgrade (expand) the orchestra SE strings to the Special Edition extended. we will also have problems to apply further upgrade paths to the bigger DVD collections then.

    you _can_ add the orchestra SE+ strings standard and consecutively the orchestra SE+ extended.

    please see this flash animation to get the picture, christian

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  • Hi there. unfortunately it is not possible in the onlinestore (I´m a registered user of the SE and SE+ libraries) to purchase DL-products of the SE extended version. Since both DVD and DL-versions contain the same samples that seems quite awkward to me... IMO it´d be a good idea to grant users of the DVD-version of SE also access to buying the extended version in the DL-section (maybe one has only need for the extended stringsection-samples and does not necessarily need brass...) cheers

  • posting joined to this thread - answers have been given above.


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