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  • VE3 Crackles with Cubase 4...I suspect network issues best troubleshooting methods?

    **Sorry about the double post I got an "oops there was an error message so I retyped - please respond to this one if you choose to ***

    Hey all, Using Cubase4 on a fairly new PC (1 yr old) GA-X48-Ds4 mobo and vienna ensemble to control 2 remote VSL slaves. Also have fxteleport running to control remote kontakts. I have, since the beg. been noticing some odd networking issues, namely vnc takes a good 4-5 seconds to connect to my remote pc's and my vienna ensemble crackles under light loads and does so even more when I have vnc open with the same loads going. Fxteleport doesn't seem to do this. I'm suspecting its the built in gigabit port on my MOBO. Is there any networking benchmarking utilities y'all would recommend? Or do y'all think its something entirely different, but tangental (such as I have wireless internet via a D-link dw122 connected to another usb port...although I've tried turning it off) feaster

  • I would suggest using a DPC checker. I find that built in network is usually not as good as using a dedicated card. there could be other things causing problems though. I would:

    1. Run the DPC checker
    2. Disable (and re-enable) the non-system devices one by one, each time running the DPC checker.
    3. Once you know which device (if any) is causing the problem) you can take steps to eliminate it from your set-up.

    I would certainly remove the wireless internet whilst checking stuff (and disable any software that you need for connection).