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  • Looking for feedback on latest project

    Hey everyone, here's the link to my latest project. I've been working on it for about a week and a half, and was looking for some feedback before I publish it to my site. Any and all comments are welcome!

  • Hey you are looking for feedback and here it is:)

    At first nice tune! Great escalatiun over the whole song. But what i think that isnĀ“t so good is the string phrase from 0:30 to 01:00 this prase drops. ItĀ“s like you stumble of something. In German we would say "Wie eine Platte die einen Sprung hat" donĀ“t know how it is said in english.... the moving power is getting lost here. I hope this can be helpfull for you:)

    all the best


  • Here's what I'd say: it sounds like underscore to a scene we're not seeing.  Maybe it'd make sense with the scene.

    The thing about that comment, though, is it seems to suggest that good underscore can just "tread water," with ostinato figures, etc., and not make sense without seeing the visuals, and I don't actually believe that.  My favorite film composers' cues are nearly always complete pieces unto themselves.  There's almost no "treading water," and when they do, you can't really tell because even the treading is musically developmental. They seem unable to escape an interesting internal arc, which this piece does not truly have. So rather than work on the vibe, which you have a handle on, I'd focus on making the vibe still more interesting as a piece on its own!


  • @ Mike i agree with you if thats for a movie. We have to see the music with the movie.

    But he didnĀ“t say somithing like that. And if itĀ“s not for an movie it drops;)

  • The intent for the piece was to sound like an underscore, however there is no direct scene associated with it. The piece itself was a combination of several recent scores, including the Killzone 2 theme and "Miraz Crowned" from The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. If I'm understanding you guys correctly you would change the transition around :30 and rely less on ostinatos throughout the piece. Does that sound about right?

  • No, I was saying that underscore or not, it lacked a centralized, compelling structure.  I'm not surprised to hear it's an amalgamation of unreleated pieces.


  • Ah, I understand. I'll rework it to make the piece seem more unified and give it a sense of purpose (move away from the driving aspect, and instead give the piece a place to drive to... if that makes any sense....).

  • We will see what it sounds if we listen to the new version:)

  • Alright, I've started recrafting the piece to give it a better sense of direction. I've uploaded my progress so far (obviously what I have uploaded now would not be the intro) using the same link as above. Essentially, I took what I liked about the piece so far and tried to start implementing motifs that I could develop (right now I'm around three or so). I'll update again once I have more progress, but for now what do you guys think of the changes?

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