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  • Vienna Suite demo expires too fast

    I downloaded the Vienna Suite demo. I first started it in Cubase and it said that I have 25 starts available. I thought that Wavelab would be a better platform to try the demos so I closed Cubase and started Wavelab. The first plugin said that there was 10 starts available, the second said that there was 5, the third said that this was the last time and the fourth said that the licence was expired. All in all I didn't get any of the Vienna Suite plugins loaded even once and didn't hear a thing through them and all this took maybe 2 minutes after installing the demo. What's up?

  • No stress :-) ... You can "reload" the licence as often as you want within 30 days.

    -> [URL][/URL]


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thanks. I got it working but the constant need to reload is still a bit irritating. :)

    Is there going to be a demo for the reverb? I really love the Vienna Suite so far but it would be nice to test drive the reverb too.

    Would it be possible for the Vienna Reverb to be able to load Altiverb impulses in the future? I mean that it would load the impulses when the user owns both the Vienna Suite and Altiverb, not that any of the impulses should be included with the Vienna Suite or sold separately.

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    Hello info,

    the Convolution Reverb is included in the software that works with your demo license, here is the download link for your Vienna Suite.

    The impulse responses of Altiverb are incorporated into Altiverb, naturally. Just as with our own impulse responses...

    You can load .wav, flac and .vci files into the Vienna Suite Convolution Reverb, stereo or true stereo.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL