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  • Vienna Suite and XP 64

    Hi Every One.

    I'm Planning to purchase the vienna Suite.

     Was wondering if there would be no problem to install it on my new PC 

    i7 920 12 Gb ram and Win XP 64.

    As it's mentionned on the "system requirement" this is supposed to work well with XP 64 but just wanted to be sure;

    Anyway thanks very much for you concern;

    Best regards,


  • hi, i'm quadcore //4GB ram on Windows 7 X64 RC 7100, Following works very well with me, to my surprise the plugins are also delivered in 32 & 64 bits. works fine in ableton (32 bit) Cakewalk Sonar (64 bit). I do not think there is a problem with a windows xp 64. but test the demo on your new pc ;)

  • Hi and thanks to you Marco.

    Too bad i have already owned a demo version so hope this would work correctly.

    But if it's mentionned on the website (vsl) i guess i could trust ;o)

    other advices?

  • No problem encountered so far;) except a history of expiry date for the demo updated frequently to my home or the plugins will not start. === FR Aucun soucis rencontré jusqu'ici ;) sauf une histoire de date d'expiration pour la démo à réactualisé souvent chez moi sinon les plugins ne démarre pas. ;)

  • I have it running on XP64 - no problems


  • No problem here, works great, not a single issue.