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  • Reset Round Robin Settings


    Sorry if this is in one of my many VSL manuals, but does anyone know if there is a MIDI controller which can be used to reset the round-robin sequence in VI libraries.

    For example, I have a shaker pattern which always starts on a different sound, and I need to make sure it always starts on the same sound.

    Many thanks for any help.


  •  I'm afraid not. I has been requested many times though.

  • How does one determine if the patch they are using used round robin?

  • Here is a quote from an older topic,  maybe this helpful for you.

    Here is my favorite setup to to trigger the same sample in any alternation patch, especially for sfz, fp sffz etc:

    I use a dedicated Matrix,

    In  the first horizontal line (1A, 2A, 3A) I place my different articulations, like sfz, fp, etc.

    On the  "Cell Edit" pages I set the Volumes of all these patches to cero.

    Now I generate a second horizontal line, and load here once again the same patches (with regular volume settings.

    Now I set the vertical (V-Span) switch to Velocity control and set the level switch slider to a very low value.

    Now I can play any "ghost notes" when I play with low velocity which will not sound.

    So with an alternation patch, which includes 2 alternations, performing one ghost note between the regular notes will give you always the same alternation sample.

    Of course the ghost notes have to played on the same key as the regular notes.



  •  Many thanks for the responses guys.

    I'm surprised it's not possible to reset the sequence because on some instruments the different samples sound very distinct (the shaker is an obvious example).

    I'll try Herb's idea to see if I can use ghost notes to get back to the sample I want, although I'm unclear how one makes sure one is always starting from the correct sample in the 1st place.   If I inadvertently play a single note between playback instances, I guess the whole sequence would be reset to the reverse of what I want it to be.  The only way to ensure we're back at the correct point is to have some means of resetting the sequence, surely.

    Thanks again