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  • VE Bus Colors in Jazz Drum Programs

    In the Jazz Drums collection, the VE Busses in the Jazz Drum programs are a different color than the standard.  Is that a function that is user definable (to change bus color) or is that something that only the developers can do?  If we the users can adjust the color for our own project, please advise the steps in doing so. 


  • yep, you can do it yourself!

    When the master bus is selected, and in the main window you have all the channels showing, simply move your mouse over the channel whose color you wish to change. Next, hold down the shift key and then click on the channel, and a system color-selection box should come up. Well, i definately know this works for Macs, i would assume the controls are similar for Windoze.

    The Shift-Click trick only works on the channels in the MAIN big window of VE, not in the small horizontal strips on the left side.

    Have fun!