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  • Vienne Ensemble Midi CC Controls reset/


    Ever since I switched to logic and built my Vienna Ensemble templates, I have been having a strange and very inconvenient issue. When I load up a project, every CC value I customized resets to the default. My custom values are displayed in the lower window with the grid, however up top it displays the the default mapping (ie CC7 volume, CC11 Expression, Everything else off). I can change it to my prefered controls in the higher window when i click either the source or controller tab in the lower window. The annoyance is everytime VE starts up I have to reset the CC values on every single instrument. Im seeking workarounds like quick keys, but is there anything you can suggest to help. 

  • Hi Andrew. I tried saving a project with custom CC mapping using the standalone version of VE. When I re-loaded the project, my custom settings had disappeared and the default settings were displayed. However, when I clicked twice on the 'Source' / 'ControlChange' box or re-selected any of the CC numbers, all the custom settings re-appeared. My conclusion: THIS IS A BUG.[:(]

  • This is just a graphics glitch. As soon as you move a controller or send controller data, the display will refresh and show the correct settings. It is currently being investigated and will be solved soon.


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    @Maya said:

    This is just a graphics glitch.
    Glad to hear it! Thanks Maya.

  • hello

    regarding the CC controllers in the Synchron Strings Pro interface : 

    could you be so kind to inform me how to reset the cc faders in the PERFORM display?

    let's say as a new user, I screwed up by playing with attack and release

    how to make it jump to standard position without reloading the very big ensemble again?


    thanks so much