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  • What CC# is safe to use for turning on/off vel xfade?

    I'm trying to make some additional expressions in Finale 2010 to control things like vel xfade etc that is not handled by Finales Human Playback.

    I need to use one CC# controller for turning on/off vel xfade in VI. What controller(s) is safe to use? ie is there any that is not used for anything else (important)?


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    Hi Albert - according to the official MIDI spec at, CC#s 3, 9, 14-15, 22-31, 85-90 and 102-119 are undefined, so take your pick!

  • Thanks! Usually only some CC#'s are defined in the music apps I use but this list seems to be complete. Very handy.

    (I've been using CC#3 so far and that was apparently a good choice!)