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  • What are your working methods (and are there any downloadable Project settings)


    I know everyone works with these tools differently, so I'm interested in hearing how you do it. Here's what I/we am doing:

    2 computers, both Mac Pro, both with 32 gig ram. 1 runs DP 5.13, and VI's that are DSP based (and a few samples), the other samples. The samples are 5 standalone instances of VSL (Woodwinds, Brass, Strings, Perc, and solo instruments), Play running EWQL Symphonic Platinum with the same 5 groupings. We are waiting for Kontakt 3.5 to go gold before we start to use it. All the sample libraries work as multiple instances so we can get around the OSX 2.5 gig instance issue.

    I work with a composer, Greg O'Connor, and sometimes Mike Reagan. Each works slightly different than the other. So, here's my questions:

    1) Does anyone have any suggestions of better ways to work?

    2) Does anyone have any VSE project settings one could download to see how they set up their VSE?

    3) I am trying to Program Quick Keys to open all the standalone instances of my VI's in the sample computer. when VSE opens, it always makes me close the project and load the one I really want to use, even when I try and load a project by double clicking on the saved procest settings file. With about 15 VI's to load up, it takes about an hour plus by hand, and one has to babysit the whole thing at the start of the project. Is there a workaround for this, or can anyone suggest another way of doing this kind of thing? There has to be a better way, eh?

    I look forward to hearing your replies. it seems no one does this the same way, though I imagine it can't be all that different, right?



    Mac Pro, VSL SE plus