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  • Contrabass Tuba: Opinions?

    hi folks!

    Recently i've been composing some pieces needing some incredibly massive low end. Often times the strings' bass register seems to lose a bit of its punch after being put through stage positioning and reverbs. I've started adding some regular bass Tuba to compliment the lower end (Tuba from SE Brass), but keep feeling drawn to something even deeper, so i was wondering if anyone has some good opinions or criticisms about the Contrabass Tuba (im thinking of buying the download version for now.)

    The audio demo on the webpage is appreciated, but much of it seems to be played in the higher registers of the intrument (but thank you anyways, Beat!  [:D] ).... So i was just wondering if anyone who uses it hears a noticeable difference between the Bass  and Contrabass Tuba... Is it "darker," "brassier," "deeper," "muddier" ??? Is it that much different than the standard bass tuba?

    Thanks in advance  :)