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  • kleiner hai

    "kleiner hai" (little shark) was a internet hype some time ago, at least in germany. in case you never heard of that (fasten your seatbelts):

    was asked to make an orchestrated version for swr2, a german radio station. this is just the orchestra playing (everything vsl, with tiny bits of eastwest percussion):

    finally the version together with the voice (heavily processed with melodyne to make it fit):

  •  This is SOOO cool.

    Looks like I am getting older - this hype passed by me. But it is really worthwile spending some time on a sunday afternoon surfing youtube.

    It was a real laughter all the way.

    Visuals could need improvement - more big moving picture of an orchestra, like the sound, and more people - but I am beckmessering... The music is perfect, like moving forth and back between Ravel and Kurt Weil

    BTW, SWR2 is one of THE major classic radio stations of Germany, home of many famous productions, composers and conductors ... so big congratulations to you.!

    Too old for Rock n Roll. Too young for 9th symphonies. Wagner Lover, IRCAM Alumni. Double Bass player starting in low Es. I am where noise is music.
  • i´m working for swr for nearly 10 years now, and from inside, it´s never as glorious as from outside :)

    but i like it. just in case the director is reading... :)

    after all swr2 is a radio station, so not much could be expected from the visuals, the version with voice was broadcasted along with an interview of alemuel (herself working as a freelancer for swr2 btw), and the internet version with graphics was just an add-on.

    thanks for your kind words.

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