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  • How many keys?

    How many keys does the Vienna Imperial have?

    The package contains 69,633 samples.... 1,200 samples per key....

    that would be 58 keys... what kind of piano is that? :D



  • the biggest part are the release samples, multiple variations depending on the note lenght,

    in the higher register, notes ring shorter, therefor less release samples are used

    also for sympathetic resonances multiple sounds are used on more than one key

    finally, the amount of samples which can be loaded on one mike setup is simply ruled by the capacity on 32 bit OS systems which is limited to 2 Gig Ram usage



  • Interesting :) I was just interested in how it works

    You've truly done it again... And I know you'll continue as long as you guys have passion for every detail!



  • "the capacity on 32 bit OS systems which is limited to 2 Gig Ram usage" my 32bit WinXP manages to use 3GB of RAM...

  • please differentiate the term *use* ...

    - how much RAM is installed with the computer (up to 4 GB for 32bit OS)

    - how much RAM is presented to the OS (up to 3.75 GB, in most cases only 3.25)

    - how having set the /3GB switch as startup option in your boot.ini (and wich value for /USERVA=)

    - how much memory a certain single application is using (and if it is physical or virtual memory)

    just a few tiring but essential technical details to see facts instead of fog ...



    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.