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  • Are there ANY plans for releasing ethnic woodwinds?

    Hi Herb and staff,

    I have a big multi-cultural project coming up (world music) - where have ethnic ww's (in similar quality to your orchestral wws - with true legato, etc.) would be so beneficial.

    Do you have an plans on releasing such a library (perhaps you can say at least if it will be 'this year'.)

    Many thanks.


  •  Hi Rob,

    sorry to say, defenitely not this year.



  • Ok Herb - thanks for the quick reply.  Giving that information - does anyone have any other recommendations.  Of course I would prefer VSL functionality and quality - but are there any out there the approach this level.  I have Silk - which I find to be well done.

    Thanks again in advance.


  • Many thanks Tanuj.   Book me a room at the Hilton - I'll be there next week :):)

    I'll for sure be hiring as many live players as possilble (fiddle, electric cello, etc.) - nice options you give.

    All the best

  •  Well it feels rather odd to be giving other recommendations here, but, so long as we are, BelaDMedia's Anthology volumes are head and shoulders above everything else, both in terms of sound and playability. OK they don't cover a lot of ground, but if they happen to cover what you want then I'd recommend them without reservation.

  • I sort of know what you mean but I did ask Herb first.   Herb knows I have just about everything they have released.  I KNOW that 'when' VSL breaks into the 'ethnic' WWs and pluck/bowed string market - they will dominate it as they currently do with Orch instruments.

    I am looking for other solutions UNTIL VSL comes available. :)

    (I so wish VSL had at least the WW's to offer that 'expressive and playability' currently offered - can't even imagine an irish flute with the playability of say the KLB.)


  •  the Westgate modular Rare Winds have an Irish tin whistle and Ocarina.  They are authentic legato. 

    i agree that VSL  ANCIENT INSTRUMENTS  will completely dominate all other sample libraries of these sounds.  However they have the LEGATO CHOIR to do first.   So I suppose we must be patient.

  • Observations from the desert:

    For the longest time, maybe since about the end of last year, it has seemed that a lot of the usual VSL people who were regular respondents on the Forum pretty much disappeared.

    We’ve had this whole flurry of Mir, VE Pro, the development of the download instruments site and the new piano which has kept a certain number of them occupied.

    However, there is their whole sampling and editing divisions that are not totally accounted for with these projects that must be doing some sort of activity.

    Something must be happening.(Cue raised eyebrow music and ominous chord)

  • We are all on permanent vacation! ((c) Jim Jarmusch)

    [ap]    [ip]


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • By ominous chord I assume you mean the arpeggiated E Minor 7th?

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    @herb said:

     Hi Rob,

    sorry to say, defenitely not this year.




     Good news ! [H]