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  • Some final MIR questions?

    Hi Dietz,

    I know you are probably very busy at the moment Wink and I appreciate your help. But I do have some final MIR questions that I hope you could help me with.

    1) Running on the above spec'd machine, which I think is very like your own test machine - Intel i7 965 3.2GHZ with 12GB Ram. How many vienna instruments can MIR run? For example, how many can it load at once into MIR? And how many can all play at the same time?

    2) I understand that MIR is also a final mixing point as well as a reverb unit, so it needs an audio interface to output the audio. But how do you get the Midi into MIR? Does it, like Vienna Ensemble 3, appear as a multi channel virtual instrument that you just insert into a channel on your DAW? Or can you use a midiOverLAN product to route midi over ethernet? Or do you need 2 midi interfaces?

    If it is a midiOverLAN product, what product do you use to connect a Mac Pro DAW machine to the PC MIR Server? Do you use musiclab's midiOverLAN?

    3) Does MIR run on Windows 7?

    I really appreciate your help!!! If you can answer these last few questions it would really clear up any last few queries that I have. Then all I need to do is buy it Big Smile

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    @Another User said:

    3) Does MIR run on Windows 7?



    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library