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  • What to do?

    HI, I'm currently seconds away from getting the symphonic cube and a 64bit pc to work as a slave for my macpro. I have a few questions and would love some advice from users with this same setup. *What version of windows is preferable for the slave PC? *How will Apple’s 64bit announcement change the power and capability of the macpro? – Will slave PC’s no longer be necessary? *The version of The Symphonic Cube is some years old by now. Is there any chance of and update sometime soon? Greetings

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    Hello Sonja, and welcome [:)]

    We are using Vista 64 and Windows 7 on our slave PC´s, both work just fine.

    64 bit on the MacPro - this really depends on when we are ready to release a 64 bit version of Vienna Instruments / Vienna Ensemble. Should not take too long anymore. Then you can load as many samples as you have RAM available on your MacPro - might be nice to share the workload with your slave PC. Or you might also skip your slave PC.

    There is no release date for a 64 bit VI/VE yet, but we´re working on it to have iot released asap. Might really be worth waiting in your case, before you purchase a 64 bit slave PC.

    The Symphonic Cube will stay the same, the software will change. A very common addition to the Symphonic Cube is the Appassionata Strings, btw, if you´re looking for the BIG Hollywood string sound [;)]

    Hope that helps!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi, Thank you for your elaborate reply. I decided to get the slave PC until 64 bit technology is fully developed and up and running. The Cube and Appassionata Strings sounds like a great solution. For now, though, I’ll settle with for the Cube and add what I need later on. Thanks,