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  • Optimal PC hard drive configuration / bus

    I'm running Special Edition on Cubase SX2 w/XP Pro on a Core 2 Quad Intel 9550 w/4 gb ram and 2 SATA, a 500G and 1TB. What is the optimal drive layout for OS / Vienna Samples / Vienna and VST plug ins / Audio recording / Non VSL based samples. Do I need a 3rd drive? How do I make sure the drives aren't clogging up the same bus? Thank you!

  •  welcome echosmusic, ahead: no typo on SX2?

    basically i would recommend to have OS and applications, samples and recording on separate disks.

    in your case i'd say you could record to the system disk (maybe to a seperate partition for avoiding too much fragmentation), assumably the 500 GB drive.

    below a certain throughput for reading samples you could actually try to record to a partition on the sample drive, but this will stress this disk a lot and you probably won't be able to run at lowest possible (audio) latencies.

    sooner or later you will find a third drive to be a must ...


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.