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  • Intel Xeon processor 5500 or i7


    Which chip is better for MIR the Intel Xeon Processor 5500 or the i7 965?


  • I'm so confused with the Xeon line since there are so any different wattage vs. clock speed options I'd just go with the i7. It's getting great reviews. Though the Xeon may yield better results. Are you going for a Dual Quad Core setup?

  • The only reason to purchase a Xeon processor is because of the Dual Quad capability primarly.  The Nehalem i7's can not be setup in a Dual Quad combination. you can only have one i7 on a machine. I would only suggest looking into the Xeon 5500 line if you are interested in using MIR and everything else on one machine. For any other purpose, I think the i7 would probably be fine but of course that is my opinion :).