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  • License on Dongle not Detected

    I recently built a new Core i7 Machine with following specs:

    Core i7 2.93 Ghz Quad Core with 12 GB 1333 Mhz Kingston RAM and Windows Vista 64 bit. ASUS P6 T Deluxue V2 Motherboard.

    For some reason - Plectrum (from Vital Arts) and GVI are not detecting their respective licenses.

    I have Two dongles - one with all the Vienna Licenses and the other with Cubase 5, GVI and Plectrum. I also have an iLok with Altiverb, Ivory and Storm Drums 2 - Everything is working fine except Plectrum and GVI - They cant find the license on the dongle.

    I can see the Licenses on the Dongle in the LCC and I have also installed the latest (Also re-installed) Synchrosoft LCC software.

    What could be the problem and who should I contact regarding this? Synchrosoft, Vital Arts or Tascam?




  • I also have GVI and had trouble with the license being found. The solution was to uninstall the Syncrosoft License Control Center and then install GVI with the Vista installer that Tascam has for it. The GVI Installer includes Syncrosoft License Control Center on it. Launch the GVI Standalone and see if it detects your license. If so, install the latest License Control Center now. It worked for me.

    Since Tascam no longer supports GVI, I'm afraid they probably won't be any help for you.