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  • Estimated date for Vienna Ensemble Pro?

    Do you have an estimated date for the release?

    I'm really waiting for it, as I'm installing all my vst's in my slave PC!


  • Ditto. I think we're all frothing at the mouth waiting for this. I think the fact that April/May was initially mentioned by Paul means that many have installed VSTs in their slave PC's hoping to get working June... But don't worry I'm sure it's less then a click away.

  • Was also wondering about this.

    But moreso, wondering how it is going to work, Sounds like it is supposedly going to work like FX-Teleport? But the real Q I have is: is it for use ONLY with VSL instruments, or will it work with other things, such as Kontakt?


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    @Jeff Hayat said:

    is it for use ONLY with VSL instruments, or will it work with other things, such as Kontakt?

    Vienna Ensemble 3 is for use ONLY with VSL instruments, Vienna Ensemble Pro can be used with 3rd party VSTi's. I'm really looking forward to getting it running too - my experience with VE3 has been excellent. Any estimate on the release date guys?


  • Software wise - nothing has been this important in the last few years.  One more reason to feel that our ladders are leaning on the right building (VSL).

    Really excited for this one.


  • I was wondering if VE pro service will have an auto startup feature just like FXT. It is a really small but very useful feature, especially when having multiple machines, and VE is always used.

  •  All I'm wondering is when, when, when?

    I'm in the middle of a big conversion and I'd rather set up an Ensemble Pro network than set up FXTeleport and then chage over later. We're foaming at the mouth. Will it be a day? a week? a month?

  • Hi,

    please donĀ“t expect VE PRO before the end of July. ThereĀ“s a lot that still needs to be done, as we want to make sure that VE PRO is rock-steady.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks Paul.   Really appreciate the thorough testing and frank reply.

    Best wishes.

  • I offer myself as beta tester! heheheh

    I can promise it would be tested everyday a lot of times!!! [:O]

  •  ^^ Same here, to both!