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  • Vienna Suite discrimination

    I have noticed that the new Convolution Reverb will load .wav files but not .aif files.


    This is blatant discrimination against Mac users with our many aif files.

    (Okay....I'm only half-joking)

    Please fix this in an update.

  •  file - save as - .wav (note: 4 channels, canonical format)

    hth, christian

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
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    @cm said:

     file - save as - .wav (note: 4 channels, canonical format)

    Thanks, but I'm not sure what you mean...

    - "save as"... in what app?

    (Sure, one can convert files somehow, but it would be nice if VS accepted more than just .wav's)

    - Canonical format - where can I find info on this format?

    Normal stereo .wav IR files also seem to load. Are these not "as good" as 4 channel files? There is not really enough info in the Vienna Suite manual about file types etc. All the functions are mentioned but more detail would definitely be welcome.

    Regards - Colin

  • configure the file in your preferred audio editor - then save the file as 4 channel wave (no nifty extended format)

    more details here

    a convolution engine cannot *understand* any audio format you could *throw on it* - some rules apply ;-)

    hth, christian

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Thanks Christian. I obviously need to learn some more about convolution reverb and IR's......

    I appreciate your replies.

    Regards - Colin

  •  Well, i must agree... its kinda clumsy and awkward having to do it "manually" it would be a very needed addition to just load up 2 stereofiles and have the plugin "do it " for you.

    Personally, i only have Cubase4 and Adobe Audition, and neither has a easy way of making a 4 channel wav.

    I dont even think Audition can do it, and in cubase you have to export the audio out as a 4 channel wav, only after configuring the outputbusses to allow for a multichannel file first.

    So ...i guess its not as easy as "Save as..."....? At least, i didnt figure it out in an obvious way, but then a complete moron when it comes to anything else than stereo....:P