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  • VSL Ensemble 2 Distorted In Pro Tools 7.4 LE


    Here's my setup:

    • OS is MS Vista 32-bit
    • I have Vienna Ensemble 2.0 wrapped in FXpansion RTAS Adapter 2.0
    • I have launched it in an insert on an instrument track
    • Only one patch is loaded in the Vienna Ensemble window

    For some reason, when I play my keyboard controller or play back what I recorded on that track, it plays back distorted. Any ideas?

    Thanks for your assistance.


  •  Well, I didn't give up, and I solved it!

    I adjusted all of the settings in the Playback engine to max out the quality...

    • 2048 Samples
    • RTAS processers: 4
    • RTAS engine box checked to ignore errors
    • DAE playback buffer size: 3000ms
    • Cache size: Large

    I haven't yet tried to trim it back to isolate the instigator, but I was so excited I wanted to post immediately!