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  • Sibelius Sound ID question (and can Finale do this?)

    I've been reading with interest about Sibelius' apparent ability to have a staccato articulation trigger a staccato sample (and other articulations too I presume). Is that the case and if so is there a similar option for Finale users? At present I have to trigger all my matrix changes with a measure expression which I then hide. It works but doesn't seem as fluid as the Sibelius method.

    Any enlightenment much appreciated.

  • We offer Finale 2008 and Finale 2009 Human Playback Preferences for our Vienna Special Edition customers as a free download. This means that articulation changes will work automatically.


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  • Okay great Andi thanks!

    I'm afraid I only use the larger collections with a few additional download instruments so I can't download this to even see if I can modify your preferences to suit me. I've only recently moved to Final 2k9 so HP is new to me and looks like it requires a great deal of programming. Any chance I could get a copy of some of these preferences?

  • You've got mail.



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  • Super! Thanks!

  • And now I've got a headache...

    is there anywhere where one can finds coherent description of how this Human Playback works. Or is it perhaps just very buggy? I'm trying lots of things with it sometimes something works, then it stops working, then it does something else, then it doesn't save my changes... Weird!

  • Perhaps a more specific question:
    Okay I can get the staccato symbols to trigger a staccato sample in VI but how do I trigger fluttertongue. It appears in the list of possible articulations but there is no indication how it is triggered. The words flutter and fluttertongue don't work.

  • [quote=zentrumsounds]Perhaps a more specific question:

    There is a list of expressions/articulations that triggers keyswitches with HP in the Finale Manual. Search for "Keyswitches" and you will have one option called "GPOHP Keyswitches".

    According to this list, the only articulation that triggers fluttertongue is the articulation with three dashes (the same as for tremolo in strings). I don't have any fluttertongue in my VSL libraries (I only have SE) but this works with my Xsample woodwinds.

    Another option is to let HP react to a word you choose (such as "flutter" or "fluttertongue"). In this case you must choose:

    1. Technique -> Custom text

    2. Apply only -> For text expression containing: (your text), for example: flutter

    3. Action 1: ->Key Switch + keyswitch you want to trigger

    With this method you can trigger pretty much everything you need. The above technique is used by the Xsample library that uses a lot of extended techniques that are not supported by the standard HP techniques.

    Hope this helps


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