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  • instrument glitch

    Can anyone help, when i load and play some instuments the sounds drops-out and glitches momentarily.I run an xp pc with 2gb of ram and try and keep cpu down to a minimum, i would also like to run the sample rate as low as possibl,is there anything i can do to stop this. Richard

  • We need a lot more detail please.

    1.  Windows XP what?  32-bit?  64-bit?

    2.  What sequencer?

    3.  What soundcard?

    4.  What type and speed is your processor?

    5.  what is "some" instruments?  2, 5, 25?

    6.  What settings do you have on your soundcard right now (Latency etc)?

    7.  Do you have all the newest drivers for your hardware?

    8.  What latency setting do you have VSL set to?