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  • I have the same old problem with Logic and Apple... many others have had before me. Installed VSL special edition plus OK on my G5 but Logic doesn't recognise it. I've seen posts with a similar problem with an instruction to download the latest installer but all the links got to blank pages :( Any help or suggestions, or maybe a working link? Cheers Jon

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    latest license control center

    latest VSL software

    please reboot before installing and repair permissions after.

    you might also need to open AU manager and validate the plugins manually in case they are still not recognized.

    hth, christian

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Additionally I´d also recommend to update your OS to 10.5.7 if you´re still working with OS 10.5.6 (unless you know for sure that 10.5.7 is incompatible with a software you have installed).

    In OS 10.5.6 we noted quite some problems with USB devices such as our Vienna Key, which wasn´t recognised correctly sometimes and caused error messages etc.


  • I recently had a strange issue with my PSP plugins suddenly not being recognized by Logic (but recognized by other apps like waveburner etc) and the way I solved it was to go into the AU manager, uncheck the plugins (even though they said they were successfully validated), press "done", re-open AU manager & rescan the plugins. Once I did this, the plugins were once again recognized by logic and have been working great!

    Perhaps this solution will help you with your VSL problem. Worth a shot at least.

  • Thanks for the advice. After reinstalling with the latest software installer and checking the AU which had left VSL off the list all is working fine. One other question, what exactly is a key switch? I've watched the tutorials which explain how to set one up, but how is it activated? Is it literally by pressing a key you change the articulation? Thanks Jon