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  • Number of Samples after using Learn and Optimize

    I have noticed something strange which I can't explain, but doesn't seem 'right' so here goes:  I loaded Harp ( from SE ) into a Logic track, then played in the music- about 6 mins.  Using the Learn and Optimize function in VSL, I reduced the  number of samples- to 63

    I then decided to have just 3 notes in a second Logic track as I wanted to change the release and attack parameters. After  using the Learn and Optimize function, it showed the number of samples as 72 !

    I Deleted the track and repeated  the procedure ...................... with the same result.

    Can someone throw light on this ?

    Thanks,  Kay.

  • Hi Kay

    The Harp patches have 3 velocity layers, could you have used them all with the 3 notes? 3x3=9  72-63=9! Could that be the explanation?


  • Hi Colin,

    Just checked- the velocities are 36, 46, 45 which places them all in the same layer.  Actually, it's not clear to me what it means to say an instrument has 3 velocity layers .................. would you like to fill me in with one of your crystal clear explanations ?


  • Hello Kay,

    if Velocity Xfade is switched on, all layers of one note are being streamed - in case you use the Vel Xfade slider.

    If that is the case when you are optimizing, 3 notes would mean that "Learn" will remember 3 notes with 3 velocity layers each.

    Also, please don´t forget that a Release Sample also counts as a sample that needs to be played.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Yes- Velocity Xfade is indeed switched on.   If I change the release  length of a note,  does that mean that VSL sees this as a new sample, then ?


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    @Kay von Randow said:

    Yes- Velocity Xfade is indeed switched on.   If I change the release  length of a note,  does that mean that VSL sees this as a new sample, then ?



    Release lengths and release samples are not the same thing. If you switch the release samples off, then that will reduce the number of samples used.


  • Hi Kay

    Thanks for the "crystal clear explanations" compliment! [;)]

    I think Paul has explained why you've used the extra samples without actually triggering them. With respect to DG, naturally, the SE harp doesn't have any release samples.

    As for the different velocity layers, it would appear that any VSL instrument with 3 velocity layers triggers 3 different samples depending on the midi note on value. Softly played notes  0-55 are pp,  medium 56-108 are mp and hardest struck are forte 109-127.

    A good reference for you is the PDF manuals you'll find for your libraries under User Area/ DVD(or Download) Instruments/Library Manuals.



  • I have actually read every PDF manual ..................... several times ..................... and I've watchedf all the video tutorials several times too;  but I often don't understand the terms used so it doesn't help me in every instance.

    There's often an 'Aha' experience when I'm in the middle of doing something else ( learning by doing ! ) but if I want to know  soemthing specific , I sort of flounder. I am getting more intuiivem though, step by step !


  • [quote=Kay von Randow]I

    No problem Kay.  Do you understand what velocity layers are about now?