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  • Vienna Ensemble does not working properly.

    I see very strange behaviour of VE. It looks like VE "eats" notes during playback, like it has small polyphony and "desides" which note to play and which not to. When I mute some voices - it plays correctly, but together - not. What is the problem?

  • I think that you'll have to give much more information; computer specs, amount memory in the project etc. if you want some meaningful help. Even so, if may well be that you'll have to post a project where this happens, as if this was a common problem, it would be all over this forum. Certainly I've never seen it. It could even be as simple as you not knowing which patches were monophonic and which were, or keyswitches being played in the wrong octave.


  • I know very well, which patch is monophonic, and which is not! What is important (I've forgotten to mension that), is that when I load the same project but with VIs instead of VE all the things sound as they have to sound (with no talking about VI optimization problem, but this I'have mensioned in another post.)

  •  No need to get pissy. I had to ask.


  • Hello Claupacius,

    you didnĀ“t include too much information about your setup, so here are some more questions:

    Which service pack are you using with XP?

    Which version of Nuendo are you using? Which version of the License Control Center, VE and VI?

    Do you want to send a song to our Support Team, so that we can check?

    The more details you include, the better.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • I use Nuendo2, XP Service Pack 2, License controll Centre, VE and VI are the very last. What about project, where should I send them? I would like to.

  • Hi,

    thanks for the info.

    Nuendo 2.... itĀ“s been a while.... you can send your projects to support (at) vsl (dot) co (dot) at



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL