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  • Vienna Suite Presets

    Hi- may I ask whether - since I have the SE ( Extended ) - I'd be able to use enough of the presets to make it worthwhile opurchasing the Vienna Suite?  I wasn't sure of this.

    I's also like to know how people are finding the sound in the presets ............ if that's not a heretical question ?

    Thanks,  Kay.

  • Hi- apologies for asking this question, but I sent the website link with all the Vienna Suite info to a sound engineer who's worked with Logic for years, and his opinion was, that since I could already use the Space Designer as I have Logic Studio he didn't see any reason to buy the VS from that pount of view.

    So - apologies again, for asking, but how do these two compare ?


  •  suggestion: get a demo license, install it, listen and judge by your own ...


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Trying the demo out is the best thing to do. The presets are great to speed up the time to find the right sound you are looking for when placing your Vienna Instruments in a mix. The EQ presets in particular have made a huge difference for me. They are very useful and also easy on the CPU.

    Let your ears be the judge :-).