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  • VSL Ensemble PRO...... couple more questions.

    1-  How does the copy protection work across multiple computers?  Do you just have a dongle on your master machine or do all slave machines need dongles as well?

    2- Will the VSL Ensemble Pro allow AU/VSTi's to clock tempo to the sequencer like LOGIC.  In other words, if I run something like Stylus RMX inside the VSL Ensemble Pro will the tempo clock perfectly with Logic including following tempo changes, etc??


    Danny Lux

  •  welcome Danny,

    1) you need a Vienna key (= USB protection device = eLicenser) on every machine you like to run a VSL product on, the ViennaKey has to hold the respective licenses then (nore: VE comes with 3 licenses)

    2) this is done over AU / VST (depending on your host) and relies on the quality of AU / VST implementation of the host and the plugin - i have not heard about any plugin so far not meeting those needs, i.e. it worked with all tested plugins so far.


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.