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  • Live Concert with Vienna Instruments - Recordings

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    In case anyone wants to hear some of my concert on May 20, 2009, here are some MP3 recordings made at the event. Enjoy!

    NOTE: no reverb was used at all. What you hear is the natural acoustics of the hall.

    The Fauxharmonic Orchestra
    Paul Henry Smith, conducting

    Beethoven - Symphony No. 1
    I. Adagio molto - Allegro con brio - MP3
    IV. Adagio - Allegro molto e vivace - MP3

    Handel - Ombra mai fu - MP3
    Tynan Davis, mezzo soprano

    Myron - Two Arias from Iphigenia at Aulis I MP3, II MP3
    Tynan Davis, mezzo sopraono

    NOTE 2: Those pesky first violins skipped a few bars of the opening of the fourth movement of Beethoven's first symphony. This can happen during a live performance (apparently). I tried to go back, but they weren't cooperating. Weird, eh?

  • Hi Paul

    Enjoyed listening to your recordings. Very good.

    Would be interested in catching one of your concerts live but being on the other side of the pond.....

    Out of curiosity, when using the Wii controller, do you have a default tempo that you are varying by your hand movement or is the tempo entirely dependent on you maintaining hand movement in the first place?  Put simply, if you stop conducting does the music stop?


  • Thanks, Colin.  I'd love to come over there and perform.  I'll see what I can arrange with my sponsors and let you know.

    There is a default tempo that the wiimote can nudge slower or faster.  The degree to which I can do this is pre-arranged, and is different for each piece (or even sections of pieces, if they differ enough to warrant it).  I can also start and stop with the wiimote.  I had initially programmed beat detection using MAX, but it was too unwieldy and turned out to be unnecessary after all. 

  • Thanks for the reply and explanation Paul.

    I wish you good luck with your continued venture and look forward to maybe hearing it live at some point.



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