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  • How do you delete an instrument from Matrix Assign?

    I can't figure out how to delete an instrument assigned to a note.  For example, if you accidentally choose a preset, add it to an ensemble (SE11, for example). Then, in order to save ram, you wish to delete the Piccolo from the patch.  I don't want to alter the preset, just delete the piccolo from my saved ensemble document.  I don't want to have to delete the entire instrument, add a new one, re-assign it's midi channels, etc.  (Boy, I wish a ui consultant would help with this interface).

  • If i understand your problem correctly....

    In a vienna instrument-

    Just above the right hand window click on Matrix assign-

    In the left window highlight the matrix you want to lose-

    In the right hand page at the top there is a red X beside (empty matrix) click this and it should delete the matrix selected,


  • Yes, that's it!  I knew there must be a way to do this.  Thanks very much!