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  • [ Free Video Tut] Composing Crime Scene Cues

    Hi guys,

    this is our first free video tutorial. Today's lesson:
    [b][url=]Composing Crime Scene Cues [/url][/b]

    Used instruments:
    - NI Massive
    - NI Kontakt 3 Standard Samples
    Level of difficulty:
    - Basic

    There are two videos available.
    The first one shows the final mix within a faked opening.
    The second is the tutorial itself.
    The midi file and all used presets can be downloaded, too.

    Composer is Christian Scheel.

    I think using this stuff as basis, and some additional music llines with VSL would fit perfect.

    Hint: There will be also a free video tut especially for VSL soon.

    Best regards,

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