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  • Boys choir

    Just purchased the Boys choir yesterday as I needed some ethereal voices for a theatre music (Macbeth) I'm doing at the moment and I'm absolutely delighted by the warmth and quality of the samples. Just enable the Velocity crossfade function on the sustained patches, assign it to the Modwheel and play away - the sun rises instantly!

    Great work VSL-team!

  • I didn't know that VSL released a Boys Choir!!

    Wow, where can I find this?

    All I know is the soprano (female) choir, or did you mean that?


  • LOL - Sorry Christof, my bad, of course I meant the soprano choir - just using it in a context where it's supposed to be a boys choir so I got it all wrong. Anyway it sounds brilliant, be it girls or boys or whatever...[:$]

  • Boy (pun) that'll upset the cathedral choirmasters! [:)]


  • Hey!  All...

    Hope that Herb is already working with

    -Wiener Sängerknaben-

    to make the best Boy's Choir Library in the world !