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  • Solo String Installation problems

    hello, i get to the part where i insert the first library dvd and VI library installer. i went through the entire tutorial video, did everything in order i started with updating the dongle software. i registered everything... VI software, key, etc. i downloaded the most recent software for solo strings. i get to the part where i am to insert the sounds... i click on VI library installer in my applications folder, i get a window telling me to locate the file on the dvd. i click OK and it goes to my main libabry where i cant choose anything. i click on on the dvd and it does nothing. i click on the library installer on the dvd. it tells me, could not find VSL binary installation, and to install main package first. im lost. any help would be much appreciated. thanks!

  • hmmm... i dragged the file into the library installer. things seem to be installing now.

  •  welcome wedgewedge,

    well, drag & drop is always a good solution - but i'd suspect you are on OS X and just had to select the volume VSLV01DVD1 which represents the label of the mounted DVD1 in your DVD drive.

    the selection dialog consists of 2 levels - the volume and the directories, by default the volume you started the installer from is selected and here the directories are greyed out (inaccessible)

    hth, christian

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.