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  • DP 5.13 and VSL Software question

    I'm having issues with compatibility.

    The latest version works but does not post up any fonts when opening up the plugin when inserted into a channel. All I get is a white card where the load prompt would be. I can however click around near the bottom of the white card and get the player to come up. I have tried going back to a version before Feb 13, 08 and managed to get it to work properly unfortunately I lost that version. Is there an archive of older software like the first intel MAc VSL version somewhere?

    Yes I have tried re-reading all the plugs (Audio unit info cashe) removal and still I have the issue.I have reloaded DP 5.13 into OSX 10.5.7 too.

    I should mention that I had the same issue with Kontakt 3 but reloading via info cashe fixed that VI. Any thoughts?



  • Of which product are you talking (Vienna Instrumnts, Vienna Ensemble or Vienna Suite) and which version of DP do you have installed? In DP 6.02 all of our products work fine here, please make sure to have the latest version of LCC installed, which is


  • DP 5.13, the latest LLC OSX Package 2.0, VIenna Instruments, Mac OSX 10.5.7,  8 core 3ghz Mac Pro Intel 14GB ram.

    I did discover reloading info cache repaired the blank screen in Kontakt 3 so I think this is an issue created when updating OSX a few versions back as I don't remember it happening before. The blank screen is a permanent occurrence now but as mentioned I can click around and get the player to open and all my previous files play normally from prewritten VI sessions. 

     In asking around Motunation, others have complained of this as well so I'm not alone. I don't use DP 6.02 although I bought it.