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  • ensemble 3

    Hello.  A new user, I have worked some inadvertent magic.  Can someone help me undo this?

    Over time I have created 16 orchestral tracks from SE and Appassionata.  Wishing to continue to add instruments, I have added 4 more tracks with a second instantiation.  The addition was flawed with two instruments  sounding at the same time.  I found the problem in Cubase where a speaker symbol was activated which acted like a coupling device.  Good.

    In searching for the flaw, I had erased the first instantiation (unintentionally), thinking (or not) that I was removing a second copy of the second instantiation when I deleted the Ensemble 1 version of the Ensemble 2 duplicate.   Bad.

    The result was that only the second instantiation would come up when I activated the instrument window and it would show the four additional instruments I wanted to add.  It would not recall the 16 previous instruments that were there first.  And then, the magic.

    The first 16 instruments would play (sound) with the four additional instruments, but there is no way to access those 16 instruments in the Ensemble instrument window.  The Cubase device menu shows Ensemble 1 and Ensemble 2 as active.

    I then re-created the first 16 instruments as Ensemble 1.  When I play the piece back, it is VERY LOUD.  My aching eardrums suggests I may have two instances of Ensemble 1 now playing.  One which I can see and the other that I cannot get to appear. Come out, come out, wherever you are...  OK by now you are probably as confused as I.

    My brain suggests it is time to get help.

    Any takers?

    I have the dedicated DAW for Vienna Instruments Windows 64 over ethernet to the master with Windows SX pro.  Everything seems to work properly. How can I straighten this out?

    thank you,

    tony h

  •  There are a few things that could be going on, but I would suggest that the quickest way to get back to a working setup is:

    1. Save a vi-frame Preset from both instances of VE (something that you should do anyway). AFAIK you click File in the left hand corner and then save under a suitable name to your Custom folder.
    2. Export a MIDI file from your project.
    3. Close your Cubase project
    4. Create a new project
    5. Import the MIDI file
    6. Load two instances of VE with your previously saved presets.